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Austria - Diving on a meadow in flowers in the crystal-clear waters of Grüner See lake

By : Alexander Benedik | Duration : 3min 46sec | Channel : Special Features
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No, you're not dreaming, and it's not a fake - these images do show a dive on a meadow in flowers. Each year in spring Austrian divers rave about this unique dive site - the Grüner See lake, near the town of Tragöss.

When the temperature gets milder in spring, the snow begins to melt and infiltrates the earth around the mountains and, at the bottom of the valley, the level of the lake increases owing to the infiltration of crystal-clear water (sometimes up to 11 meters).

The meadows abutting the lake get inundated and the lovely flowers are under water. Austrian divers put their dry suit on (the water temp hovers between 4°C and 8°C) and dive in crystal clear waters - viz can reach 40 metres. The fish you can see were introduced by divers living in the area.

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