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Canary Islands - Discover the whales and dolphins sanctuary

By : Rafa Herrero Massieu | Duration : 4min 15sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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The ocean is the largest habitat on earth. Witness to this vast expanse is the Canary Islands archipelago: a sprawling vantage point from which to look out onto the ocean’s seemingly endless waters.
Set in the eastern Atlantic, the Canary Islands provides a key landmark that is defined both by the archipelago’s temperate climate and by its calm waters. It is, also, home to a dazzling diversity of marine life forms.
As such, there can be no finer ocean observatory anywhere in Europe.
Furthermore, the waters around the Canary Islands are unique for their wealth and variety of cetacean life, holding - as they do - over one third of all known species of whale. No other Atlantic region contains a greater variety of these ocean mammals.
A shield against the harsh winds and rough open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, this thirteen-island archipelago generates multiple havens wherein to enjoy its fine weather and rich aquatic life. Fathomed deep, just a few miles off the African continent, the Canary Islands provide an unrivalled sighting spot for dolphins and whales.
A natural vantage point from which to admire these formidable leviathans is a rare gift indeed, one set aside for sites such as the Canary Islands. In itself an oasis, within this desolate ocean desert, the Canary Islands archipelago is a privileged natural setting and a first-rate marine-life observatory.
One of the Islands’ many year-round resident species: the tropical Pilot whale.
The extraordinary luminosity of the archipelago’s waters draws out shining submerged secrets of a dream world, hitherto unobserved by mankind. Dive into a 3D water-world: home to a large part of our planet’s biodiversity.

© Rafa Herrero Massieu / Music by Raphael Santana and Daniel Negrin / Voice: Jose Luis Martinez / With the support of Septenio Gobierno de Canarias