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Comoros: a journey to the scuba diving paradise of Moheli

By : Patrick Masse | Duration : 5min 13sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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Imagine an island covered in lush forest, giant turtles laying eggs on golden sand beaches, suspended gardens hanging on hill sides full of exotic plants and amazing animals that can’t be found anywhere else. Imagine bright blue sky scattered by cloud as white as snow, giant marine mammals swimming between deserted isles, turquoise lagoons and colorful coral reef inhabited by fish of all shapes and colors…
Welcome to Moheli, the smallest of the three islands of Comoros, this archipelago of the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Continental Africa, north of the Mozambique Canal. It is at the heart of this Tropical Eden, a paradise of travelers and Nirvana of scuba divers, which the director Patrick Masse, one of the most loyal members of the team, filmed in September 2015 these superb images!

© Scuba-Production -  – Director: Patrick Masse 
Music by Roger Subirana Mata "Between Worlds."
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