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Corsica, France: Deep blue dive in Porto Pollo

By : Patrick Masse | Duration : 5min 28sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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These fabulous images from a dive trip to South Corsica, the French Mediterranean Island, were filmed in September 2015 in Porto Pollo, in the Gulf of Propriano, by Patrick Masse and Gilles Diraimondo, two underwater videographers from Scuba-Production.
They both used a Panasonic GH4 camera, with a Nauticam housing for Patrick and an Isotta housing for Gilles. From a lighting system point of view, the bright Keldan 8M video lights made the vivid colors of the gorgonians and many other species of the area stand out.
This movie was shot in some of the most famous dive sites of Corsica: « La Petite Vallée » (The Little Valley), « La Roche of Corbs » (Meagre Rock), « Les Aiguilles » (The Needles), “Les Cathédrales” (The Cathedrals) and “Le Colorado."
All these images – and much more stock footage  – are available for sale in UHD format (4K) on Scuba-Production website.

© Scuba-Production -  – Director: Patrick Masse
Music by Roger Subirana Mata "Between Worlds."