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Cozumel Island, Mexico - The video that will make you crave for a dive!

By : Mark Ormesher | Duration : 3min 2sec | Channel : Special Features
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The great flilmmaker Mark Ormesher is based in Mexico. In our Plongeurs TV Team, he's the specialist of the cenotes (underwater caves in the Yucantan peninsula). Divers, especially cave divers, can't rave enough about this fantastic, labyrinthine underwater corridors dotted with stalactites and stalagmites. See what he has experienced in the cenotes on this lovely video...

Sometimes Mark and his friends skip the cenotes and go out at sea for a 'regular' dive. He went to Cozumel, a very reputable dive destination in the Caribbean. This time he decided not to film fish but divers who film them. The end result is stunning!

© Mark Ormesher