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Diving pristine reefs in Tonga.

By : Darren Rice | Duration : 1min 35sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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Whale watching is the number one activity in Tonga but scuba diving should also high on your 'to do' list, with an array of healthy coral gardens suitable to all levels of proficiency.

Tonga is also on of the first Pacific countries that has created marine parks.

On Tongatapu, the 126-hectare Hakaumama'o Reef Reserve aims to protect a vast coral reef where plenty of parrot fish can be seen. West of Tongatapu, near Nuku'alofa, Ha'atafu Beach Reserve is accessible from the beach and is a snorkeler's dreams, with more than 130 species of fish that flutter amidst soft and hard coral gardens.

Off the north coast, the Eua island reserve has the biggest underwater cave in Tonga, named The Cathedral. It also has a few wrecks.

To the north, the Ha'apai  group - where this footage was shot - and the Vava'u group are famous for their convoluted seascapes, with tunnels and canyons. Another draw in Tonga is the lack of crowds - you'll have the sites all for yourself. Here you'll feel a pioneer.

Darren Rice has his own resort on Ha'apai - check the website of Matafonua Lodge.

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