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Dominican Republic - Close encounter with a massive humpback whale!

By : David Trescot | Duration : 4min 26sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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A newcomer in the YouDive TV Team, filmmaker David Trescot offers us lovely underwater images shot in February 2011 in an area about 130 km off Dominican Republic.

A famous site, Silver Banks is a marine sanctuary where humpback whales visit each year to mate and reproduce. Liveaboard diving boats of the Aggressor fleet have a special permit which allows them to offer snorkeling trips with humpback whales.

This video was captured in a single dive, when a massive 15-meter female weighing about 25 tons spent an hour playing with divers.

David Trescot used a Canon EOS 7D equipped with a Tokina 10-17mm lens in an Aquatica case.

Check the website of Aggressor.

© David Trescot - Music "Angelic Voices" by B-Tribe