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France - The best dive sites in Provence. 6 minutes of pure bliss!

By : Christian Allanic | Duration : 6min 42sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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Christian Allanic, who shot this footage, lives most of the year in the Maldives, where he's been running liveaboard dive cruises through his agency OK Maldives. Here you'll find some of the images he shot last summer in the Mediterranean sea between Cannes and La Ciotat, as well as off Port-Cros island.

The result is mesmerising, with vividly coloured nudis, huge groupers, sunfish and the wrecks of the submarine Le Rubis, the shipwrecks of the Togo, the Donator, the Grec, and the wreck of the P38 plane in La Ciotat.

Christian Allanic was on board the superb Turkish boat that belongs to Michel Charbonnier, from Isadora Croisiere at Cavalaire. He also dives with Lecques Aquanaut, Azur Plongée and Aqua Evolution.

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