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French Polynesia: drift diving with hundreds of sharks in Fakarava

By : Sarosh G. Jacob | Duration : 2min 59sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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The American director Sarosh Jacob, one of the early members of the team, is offering us again an extraordinary video film from French Polynesia.

The Tetamanu Pass, south of the Fakaraka Atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago, offers fantastic drift dives in a crystal clear water above an infinite landscape of coral reefs giving the opportunity to see hundreds of grey reef sharks.

Sarosh filmed this superb video with a Canon 5D Mark II camera in an Aquatica housing equipped with a 17-40mm lens.

We are broadcasting this video in a 1080p format with a data rate of 6000 kbps to get the best image quality (for information, YouTube is limited to 4500 kbps). Watch this video in full screen mode to fully enjoy it!

© Sarosh Georges Jacob / Music by Tony Anderson 
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