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Maldives: Let’s board on a deep south cruise!

By : Steven Surina | Duration : 3min 37sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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In warm and crystal clear water, atoll after atoll, lagoon after lagoon, divers can enjoy superb coral walls and a multitude of colorful tropical fish. You can also meet there the masters of the ocean: whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, reef sharks, moray eels, turtles, massive tunas hunting and if you are lucky, dolphins!

Talking about luck, Steven Surina got a lot of it to film this fantastic video, short in March 2016 during a deep south cruise in the Maldives.

Steven, a specialist of diving with sharks and founder of Shark Education, makes a grand entrance in the team!

The video was filmed during a liveaboard cruise organised by Seafari International on their beautiful boat, the Princess Haleema. 

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Music by Tony Anderson - "A voice in Svay Pak."