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Mayotte: Freediving with orcas

By : Patrick Masse | Duration : 5min 18sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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At the end of August 2015, a pod of orcas was seen swimming in the tropical waters of Indian Ocean. This unexpected encounter happened for several days all around the lagoon of Mayotte, a French Island in the Indian Ocean, located north of Madagascar.
Excellent sea conditions and natural curiosity of the pod made it possible for Nils Bertrand to capture these extraordinary images with a GoPro HERO3+ camera.
After many encounters with marine mammals, he used his experience to swim with the orcas and share these magical moments!
Nils wanted to make this short film to let as many people as possible discover and learn about these masters of the oceans. He did so in coproduction with Megaptera, a non-profit organization working towards conservation and education about marine mammals and whale shark in the Indian Ocean, and Sea Blue Safari, an operator, based in Mayotte, specialized in whale watching tours.
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