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Mexico: dive with dolphins on a liveaboard trip to Socorro

By : Alexander Benedik | Duration : 4min 17sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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Only accessible to those who go on a scuba diving liveaboard trip, the Mexican archipelago of the Revillagigedo, Pacific Ocean, is worth the 225 mi. boat ride going south from Cabo San Lucas.
You can find there some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world with giant Pacific manta rays, enormous schools of jack fish and tunas, hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, whale sharks, humpback whales and dolphins that can be seen all year long.

The cruise usually starts by the volcanic island of Socorro, the biggest and most famous island of the archipelago. In Socorro, you can dive the world class sites of Roca O’Neal, Cabo Pearce (to dive with dolphins) and Punta Tosca (to see the humpback whales).

The small island of San Benedicto offers as well some top dive sites such as The Canyon and The Boiler which is one the best dive sites for diving with Pacific giant manta rays. The director of this video, Alexander Benedik, shot some of these images in San Benedicto.

He also filmed in Roca Partida: a big rock lost in the ocean. The smallest of the islands of the Revillagigedo Archipelago is also its most beautiful dive site often compared to another mythical destination: the Galapagos.

However, there is no coral on these sites and water temperature can be as cold as 68°F and above all, oceanic currents can be extremely strong. Scuba diving there is then only for the experienced divers and also those who can afford it!

Alex Benedik made this superb video during a liveaboard on the Nautilus Explorer but many operators also offer this destination.

© Alexander Benedik - Music: Garten Eden by Sascha Ende