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'Our Blue' - Sing for the Seas!

By : The Tank Bangers | Duration : 6min 28sec | Channel : Special Features
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Established in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in Dec 2010, The Tank Bangers are the fastest growing, most enthusiastic and darn right dangerous group of oceanic conservationists currently not in an asylum.

Their vision is crystal clear - they want to 'Promote, Inspire and Educate' by tapping into music, comedy and social media to encourage more cooperation and unity between divers, ocean lovers and other marine focused conservation groups to really get the increasingly desperate cry of our oceans heard.

Their strength and effectiveness comes from their individual members who are continually proving that by combining their shared passion there is no measure to what can be accomplished for our oceans, their life and ultimately our own future.

Their message: 'At the finish line. 10 months in the making. 7 minutes long. It has taken hundred of dives and thousands of takes. It has cost us a small fortune and most of our sanity. But it is done. We hope you enjoy it. We hope you get behind us. There is much yet to do. Please share it and please buy it. Sing it far and wide. This is our chance to sing for our oceans.'

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