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South Africa : Dive with the sand tiger shark at Raggie Cave, Aliwal Shoal!

By : Fred Di Girolamo | Duration : 2min 56sec | Channel : Diving Trips
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The underwater videographer Fred Di Girolamo, a new team member, is offering us extraordinary images of the sand tiger shark (Carcharias taurus).

Contrary to what you might think when looking at its teeth, this shark, with an average size from 8 to 9ft., is far from being the most dangerous one. It is not aggressive, and it mainly eats small fish and cuttlefish.
It did not protect it from mass killings those last decades, to the point the species is now classified under UICN red list as vulnerable, or to be flaunted in commercial aquariums all over the world just for the thrill!

This video was shot in Aliwal Shoal, South Africa, at the dive site of Raggie Cave, during the mating season, the best time to see it, between October and November.

© Fred Di Girolamo  / Music by Deep Dive Corp.