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They surfed the wave... while diving!

By : Josh Jensen | Duration : 1min 24sec | Channel : Special Features
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This was in late November 2010 on the Bilikiki cruise in the Solomon Islands.

Among the divers were Liz Harlin, an underwater photographer from Australia, and her partner Josh Jensen, who run Undersea Productions, and their friend Vern. Both Josh and Vern are shooting film.

That day a dive was scheduled off Mary Island but during the previous night a storm over Vanuatu produced a massive swell in the region. It was so strong that it could be felt at a depth of 30 metres. For Liz, taking pictures was not a problem, but for Josh, it was impossible to stand still - it was too shaky. He decided to swim up with Vern in order to shoot the waves from below.

And then... Vern had a weird idea. Watch the video to see what happened!

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