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Unique! Witness the birth of an island - Live!

By : Bertrand Loyer | Duration : 2min 8sec | Channel : Adventure
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These images form the trailer of the movie named 'Birth of an island', which is produced by our friends from Saint Thomas Productions for a TV series 'The people of the volcanoes'. It took eight years to shoot thi incredible one-hour documentary (filmmaker: Bertrand Loyer).

Various pioneering experiments occurred  during the project. Robots were sent to a depth of 3500m, some dives were conducted amid sulfur-laden waters and Bertrand Loyer almost drowned after having drifted for a night during a storm.

Entirely shot in HD in the Tonga archipelago, this footage sheds light on a number of extraordinary phenomenons, from the initial underwater eruption in the abyss to the birth of an island - not to mention the weird behaviours of the denizens of the abyss.

Other features include the unexpected encounter between terns (a sea bird whose wings never get in contact with water) and  Alvin shrimps, a blind crustacean that can be found at abyssal depths. When an underwater volcano erupts and creates an island, all usual patterns are disturbed and amazing things happen.

© Bertrand Loyer - Saint Thomas Productions
Music by Jacky Hanouna / Bertrand Loyer